J a y n e  B u s h e l l - Fine Artist/Printmaker

My work has developed towards a more philosophical approach and has moved into video art from previous mediums such as photography and printmaking.  I am aiming to create further work with an expectation to exhibit in the future.  Influences have come from artist/film-maker Tacita Dean and philosopher Paul Ricoeur with themes mainly being memory and nostalgia.  The meaning in my work resonates with time, contemplation, the past, the present and the future, a journey through from the unconscious to the conscious.  At present i mainly work with video using the software Premiere Pro to edit and manipulate clips.  This is either presented on a TV monitor or projector or what ever is suitable for the project.  

I work in a variety of mediums such as printmaking, photography and film/video, which explore ruination and dereliction through creating abstract forms.  I am interested in the psychological aspects of the ruined configuration and how this has an impact on the state of the human mind.

Some of my past work takes the viewer on a journey through the unknown and how something mundane as an abandoned object can have an aesthetic abstract quality.  The impermanence and imperfections that arise from these abandoned spaces is seen through close proximity.  This reveals an abstract quality that hides the true identity of the piece neglected.